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As Europe is shrinking, population numbers are skyrocketing in poorer parts of the world. We show what the reasons for the growth are and what problems this brings with it.

New UN projections: The world population will grow to 9.8 billion people by 2050.

Top 10 Most Populous Countries in the World

10. Mexico

If you include all Mexicans living abroad, Mexico’s total population of 130.8 million
would be a quarter larger. With Mexico City, where more than 20 million people already
live, one of the largest urban centers in the world is growing there.


9. Russia

144 million people live in the largest country in the world in terms of area. The
population will decrease by 2050: Russia will then no longer be one of the 10 most
populous countries with 133 million inhabitants.


8. Bangladesh

With the capital Dhaka, Chittagong and Khulna there are three large metropolitan areas
in Bangladesh, a total of around 166.4 million people live in the country. Despite
widespread poverty, population growth is only moderate. Nevertheless, 40 million more
people will live in the country by 2050 than today.


7. Nigeria

More than half of the 195.9 million people in the country live in absolute poverty – less
than two dollars a day. On average, however, each woman currently gives birth to 5.42
children. According to the UN, this value will almost halve by 2050.


6. Brazil

The high birth rate caused a rapid increase to 210.9 million people today. Only
moderate growth to around 233 million people by 2050 – 92 percent will then live in


5. Pakistan

Three-quarters of the 220.8 million inhabitants live in the Punjab and Sindh river
basins. Pakistan is one of the fastest-growing countries in Asia. The country will be home
to more than 307 million people by 2050, and the population will be one of the youngest
in the world with an average age of 30.9 years.


4. Indonesia

The republic is spread over more than 17,500 islands, on which around 360 different
peoples live. With 266.8 million people, the country is the fourth largest in the world.
There is a comparatively young population and the birth rate is falling. Around 322
million people will live in Indonesia by 2050.


3. USA

326.8 million live in the United States. Birth rate stable at 1.91 children per woman.
Urbanization trend: only eleven percent of the population will live in rural areas by 2050.


2. India

With a current population of 1.35 billion, India is now the largest democracy on earth.
India will replace the People’s Republic of China as the most populous country in the
world because growth is the highest in the world at 15 million people per year. By 2050,
the country’s population will grow to around 1.66 billion.

India Population

1. China

China is the front runner with 1.41 billion people. One child policy and preference for
male offspring mean that China’s population will shrink to around 1.36 billion in 50
years. According to the UN, the country will be one of the oldest societies in the world
with an average age of 48 years.

China No 1

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