Tim Cook explains why the new iPhones are so Expensive

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Apple boss Tim Cook takes a position on the prices of the new iPhone models and the Chinese market.

The cost of a new iPhone increases with every new generation of hardware. Apple boss Tim Cook defended this trend after the announcement of iPhone XS and iPhone XR in several interviews. Opposite  Nikkei Asian Review  Cook said that there will always be a customer segment that pays higher prices for innovation and a high value. This group was so big that it could be used as a business foundation. In addition, the role that the iPhone fills in the daily lives of users has become increasingly larger. With devices such as the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 you also offer users a cheaper entry into the Apple world.

Opposite iFanR to Cook expressed the Chinese smartphone market. There functions such as dual SIM are in great demand. QR codes also play a bigger role in China, so Apple now offers easier ways to use them. Chinese customers would also prefer smartphones with large screens. These customer wishes will continue to comply. Currently Apple offers The iPhone 7 for 519 euros as an entry, the most expensive is the brand new iPhone XS, which is offered from 1149 euros (5.8 inches) or 1249 euros (6.5 inches).

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