Make Money on Instagram

Instagram has become one of the most popular social networks with over 600 million users. That’s why it’s exciting to learn how to make money on Instagram.

But first, there are a few important requirements that your Instagram account must meet.

In addition, there are peculiarities with the sources of income that Make Money on Instagram a little different than on other platforms.

Make Money with Instagram

Instagram lives mainly from photos that are shared on the mobile platform. But even short videos are always popular there.

I know many who actively use Instagram and publish their own photos as well as view and like photos of others. I am mainly active in my new hobby blog on Instagram.

It is a very interactive social network that has a high engagement rate and therefore generates a lot of emotions. This is of course very interesting for companies that want to sell their products to men or women.

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy to make money on Instagram either.

Important Requirements

There are some important requirements that your own Instagram account or you should meet in order to be able to earn money with Instagram at all.


As with most other sources of income, you need a certain reach in order to make any money with Instagram. In very special niches you don’t need that many followers, but it should be four-digit. In more popular subject areas, five-digit subscriber numbers * are often required.

This means that you first have to make sure that you get a greater reach before you can think of making money. This takes a lot of activity and patience.

Suitable Topic

Furthermore, not every Instagram account is necessarily suitable for making money. Ideally, products should be presented every now and then or photos showing products in use. Furthermore, the followers should to a large extent be willing to spend money and of course, trust themselves.

Suitable Topic

And the topic of your own account should make it possible to regularly publish photos and videos. It also helps when there are always special occasions, such as events or events.

But it’s hard to say in advance what you can earn money with and what you can’t. To do this, you have to sound out individually for each Instagram account what is possible and what is not.

Active and Interactive

Another special feature on Instagram is the personal approach. This is very important and therefore hobby topics are particularly suitable, but also other areas that bring passion, fun and the like. In contrast, it will be difficult to score points with tax issues.

However, you should also be aware that there can be disadvantages if you publicize your private life too much on Instagram. That doesn’t suit everyone.

In addition, you have to be very active on Instagram and publish something several times a day so that the number of subscribers increases noticeably.


A good smartphone camera is also highly recommended because even if the photos should above all be authentic, good photo quality is much better received.

But that shouldn’t be a problem for most of them. Modern smartphones now have really good cameras.


Last but not least, the note that a business registration is also required to earn money with Instagram.

You shouldn’t take this lightly. The tax office has no joke if income is not taxed correctly.

Sources of income on Instagram

After I have named the most important requirements, the next thing is how you can actually earn money with Instagram.

Direct Income

On the one hand, there are ways to generate income directly. So this is money that you get paid into your own account.

Affiliate Marketing

The very popular source of income affiliate marketing is of course also an option for Instagram. However, there is a problem here that Instagram does not allow clickable links. So if you enter a URL in your description text on an Instagram post, the link is simply displayed as text.

Marketing amazon

That makes making money harder, but not impossible. You should use URLs that are as short as possible so that followers can remember them and type them into the browser themselves. This works, for example, with the short links in the Amazon partner program, which can be generated via the Site Stripe.

It is best if you use the products in a real-life situation and show what you get from them and how you like it.

Paid Contributions

Paid contributions are more classic. There are a ton of services (especially in the US) that pay money per sponsored post.

For example, the payouts are $ 10 per paid post if you have 5,000 followers. The more followers, the higher the remuneration. In some cases, however, the remuneration is also based on the number of likes the paid post receives, so it pays off a lot if you have an active fan base.

Promote your own products or services

Another way to earn money is to advertise your own products or services. For example, you can use your own eBooks that you have written. For example, I could advertise my niche page building e-book on Instagram.

But you could also advertise your own services or, for example, an offline business with the right Instagram account. That is certainly a little more special, but possible.

Sell ​​Merchandise

If you have made a really good name for yourself on Instagram and have many loyal fans, then it can be worthwhile to sell your own merchandising.

But other items can also be produced and sold using the appropriate services without any financial risk.


Sponsoring can be very lucrative. A company gives you money to report regularly about it, to present its products and the like.

This has the great advantage that you have a more stable source of income and can plan better. In addition, collaborations with the sponsor are often carried out, such as competitions, sweepstakes, or the like.

However, you really have to have a very good reach in order to attract the attention of a major sponsor.

Sell ​​Photos

It can be particularly interesting for photographers or travel bloggers to offer their own photos for sale on Instagram. There is no direct option via the app, but with really good photos you can regularly offer subscribers to purchase individual photos in full quality.

sell ​​photos

Shoutouts for Money

Building reach is very important for many Instagram users and many are willing to spend money on it. You can take advantage of this by selling shoutouts.

This means that you link to other Instagram accounts in your own Instagram post and thus ensure that they get new followers. However, this is usually only worthwhile if you have a greater range of yourself.

Indirect Income

With the mentioned sources of income, you can earn money directly on Instagram, but there is also one or the other way to generate indirect income. You don’t get any money, but other advantages.

Free Products

Most often, Instagram users receive products free of charge. These should be presented in posts and then the users can keep the products.

On the one hand, this saves costs because you don’t have to buy them yourself. On the other hand, it certainly happens that users then partially resell the products on eBay or other platforms.


In some areas, it is not unusual for Instagram users to get free tickets, VIP tickets, and the like. This also saves money and in some cases offers special advantages that otherwise do not exist.

There are, for example, many travel Instagram users who are constantly on the move and stay overnight in great hotels for free.


The so-called “Shoutout for Shoutout” campaigns (S4S for short) are complete without financial benefit, but helpful for your own channel. Two Instagram accounts get together and each does a shoutout for the other.

This is basically the Instagram version of the well-known link exchange between bloggers and website operators.

instagram money

Attention warning!

Finally, a word of warning. Surreptitious advertising is now being cracked down on not only on YouTube. On Instagram, too, more and more users are receiving a warning because they lack the required transparency. Even large corporations are not spared.


In order to avoid surreptitious advertising, paid Instagram posts or posts that contain sponsored products, etc. in any form must be marked as advertising. The best way to do this is with #advertising or #advertising and not until the very end of the long post text.

Anyway, it is highly recommended to be honest with your own subscribers and not to deceive them. This is a better strategy in the long term.

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