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One of the most important decisions when starting out on your own is choosing the right Brand Name or company name.

Actually, this sentence is not true at all, because as a self-employed person you don’t have a company in the classic sense, i.e. also no company name, but a Brand Name or company name.

Nevertheless, depending on the legal form, you have different options for naming. I will go into this and tips for the optimal company name in this article.

The following statements are my personal opinion and not individual legal advice. If you have specific questions or problems, you should contact a lawyer *.

Searching for the Company Name

Choosing your own company name is a very important decision.

You have to live with this name and therefore you shouldn’t rush this choice.

This company name will make you known on the market and that is usually the first impression you leave with potential customers.

In addition, your own company name is on all business documents.

Great care is required here.

Brand Name

What are the Legal Restrictions?

Before I get to the creative part, here are a few legal frameworks regarding naming. The options for naming your own company depend primarily on the legal form. In the case of sole proprietorships and GbRs, there is actually no real company name, but a company name.

Sole Proprietorship

This also includes self-employed, freelancers, and small businesses who are not entered in the commercial register.

Basically you have to give your proper name, i.e. first and last name. You can then add a name, branch description, or a fantasy name to this.

While the surname is sufficient for freelancers, the first and last names must also be given for small businesses.



In the case of partnerships, such as GbR or OHG, the same rules apply to name, imaginary names, etc.

In the GbR, at least the names of 2 shareholders must be listed (if there are more, then “and Co.”).

At the OHG, the surname of a partner is sufficient or you can use a fantasy name entirely.

Registered Companies

Registered companies are, for example, AG and GmbH. In these companies, the legal form must always come after the proper name or imaginary name.

These companies are relatively free to choose their own names.

If a merchant is registered in the commercial register, then his company name must be “eK” or “e.Kfr.” contain.

At Mini GmbH,” or “UG” must always follow.

Company Name

Caution Trap!

The naming is not without its pitfalls. A few of the issues to watch out for are:

The company name does not have to convey the company content (this is most evident with fantasy names), but it must not be misleading either. For example, your company name must not pretend that you are active internationally if you are only active regionally. The company name must also not misrepresent the size of the company.

Likewise, one should not come into conflict with trademark law. Although you can choose any imaginary name, you should not conflict with existing brands.
Internet research can help. Otherwise, you should consult a specialized lawyer.

Caution is also advised with the company additions. General terms such as service, technology, advice are generally harmless. Other terms, such as institute, are critical. Here, too, it is important not to cause any misleading.

In individual cases, you should ask a lawyer. With such a long-term decision you shouldn’t risk having to change the company name after a few years.

Tips for the Optimal Company Name

Now I would like to give you a few tips for choosing a company name.


The first goal of the company name (The Click Info) is that existing customers and potential customers recognize their own company. You want to be known under this name and therefore you should make sure that your own company name has a recognition effect.


A company name should have a certain clarity. Potential customers shouldn’t have to wonder what exactly the company is doing. So be careful with fantasy names.


You should distinguish yourself from the rest of the companies in your own branch. Just because all other companies in your own branch start with “bathroom and sanitary” shouldn’t be the same. It is important to stand out here.

Simple and Short

The worst thing is when potential customers cannot remember the company name because it is too long or complicated. It should be easy to spell.


Is a suitable de-domain available? This is very important in today’s world.

Not too Restrictive

When in doubt, you should not choose your company name too specifically. Anyone who calls themselves “Bad service” will have difficulties explaining to potential customers why they are now also installing heating systems.

Outsource Specific Terms in Slogans

That is why it makes sense to display specific service descriptions in a slogan. You can then change this later without having to change the company name.


Choosing your own Brand Name or company name is not easy. The above tips work mutually and it is usually a weighing of advantages and disadvantages.

However, you should also have a little courage, because if you try to avoid all problems, the company name usually becomes boring.

You should definitely put yourself in the shoes of potential customers and think about how certain company names will be received.

Have fun choosing your own company name.

In another article, I dedicated myself to the question of whether or not you should use your own company name as a domain. Also a very important decision.

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