How to Enable Instagram Company Profiles – Instagram Business Profiles

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The Instagram business profiles were announced several weeks ago. Now the rollout of the Instagram company profiles has officially started. I’m sure you want to know how to turn your existing profile into an official Instagram business profile.

The activation of the Instagram company profiles is quickly implemented. The only requirement for this is an existing Instagram profile, which was already considered in the rollout.

Change your profiles to Instagram company profiles

Whether you can use the Instagram company profiles, you see in the settings of your existing profile. In the settings you will find the new menu item “Change to company profile”. Simply click on the menu item in the Instagram app and start the conversion into a company profile.

If you do not find the menu item and do not get a message in the app, you have to be patient. The rollout was announced today by Instagram and it may take a few days (hopefully not weeks) before you can change your profile to an Instagram company profile.

In the second step you have to connect your Instagram profile with your Facebook page. In addition, you should create your Instagram profiles in the Facebook Business Manager. This is necessary to run Instagram ads and create the Power Editor, for example.

Once your Facebook page is linked to Instagram, you’ll need to enter your business address. The Instagram company profiles are also aimed at local businesses and via the address, making it easier for your followers to get in touch with you. In addition to the address, you can also enter an email address and telephone number in the Instagram company profiles. This is not a substitute for Instagram direct messages, but a helpful supplement for communicating with your followers and other Instagram users.

You will recognize an Instagram company profile by the new contact options and by logging into your account, including the new Instagram statistics icon. If you tap on the small bar chart, the new area of ​​statistics will open in your business profile.

In addition to the Instagram statistics, the application of published Instagram posts is a helpful innovation. 

If you have changed your profile, the application of Instagram content directly from the Instagram app is also possible.

Statistics for “Big” and Instagram company profiles

The local sourcing and new ways to make contact are good improvements, but what you’re most likely looking for is the Instagram stats for your business profile. The following video shows very nicely which Instagram statistics will be available and what information about your content and followers is available to you.

From Facebook we have been used to knowing exactly who our fans are, which fans we reach and which fans are active. On Instagram there were guesses and now we finally get official statistics about our followers. From the construction the demographic information is similar to the Facebook site statistics. You can also see when your followers are usually online and, if necessary, optimize your posting times.

Instagram writes: In the app (latest version, iOS and Android) detailed information on eg age groups of the followers and reach of Instagram photos and videos can be viewed. Once the Instagram stats have been activated, the statistics icon will be visible in the top right corner of the app. 

Naturally, Instagram does not display statistics for no reason. Over 200,000 companies now use Instagram ads. Companies need information in order to directly track the performance of posts in the Instagram app and to promote them directly. This information is provided by Instagram in the form of statistics on the following key figures:

⇒ Reach of Instagram content
⇒ Impressions of Instagram content
⇒ Development of follower numbers
⇒ Website clicks

You really do not need to worry about the changeover. In the Instagram settings, you can always switch back from an Instagram company profile to a “normal” profile.

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