For the first time Apple Store will also repair iPhones with a Foreign Battery

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If you have replaced the battery of your iPhone itself, it was not repaired by Apple. That should change now.

A smartphone battery has a limited life, with newer iOS systems, you can even read the remaining capacity of the system setting “battery”. But if you replace the battery yourself or commissioned by a non- Apple authorized repair shop, it was no longer repaired by Apple . Even with completely different problems such as a broken display denied the Apple Store or Apple dealer the repair. Already at the repair acceptance in the Apple Store the device is checked during a first diagnosis and devices with replacement batteries are not accepted. As a reason, the manufacturer for safety reasons, but after such an installation Apple can exclude no further damage and defective batteries are not dangerous for the technicians.

However, Apple should now be more conciliatory, such as reports from iGeneration and Macrumors claim. Even devices with a foreign battery should now be repaired, as long as the damage was not caused by the replacement battery. The innovation was not confirmed by Apple so far, but there are already several reports that a foreign battery is now no reason for refusal. According to Macrumors, it should even be possible to replace a foreign battery with an Apple battery, before the replacement, the technicians are apparently instructed to reduce the battery power to 60 percent.

However, according to the report, iPhones with replaced logic boards, housings, microphones, Lightning interface and other modules are still excluded from an Apple service. However, there are still some questions left. As the French side iGeneration and a reader of Macrumors report, there should be a little catch: The devices would now accept though with foreign battery – but the damage has been caused by the foreign battery or another replacement component, it will be without repair sent back or the complete repair fee required. This guideline should now be applied more sharply. If you want to swap the battery, it is even the case of battery replacement as an exclusion reason, if parts were damaged during the exchange or the removal tab is missing – which often occurs with third-party rechargeable batteries. It may have been even luckier in the past: So far, the device has often, had the Apple Store once been accepted, simply replaced with a defective external battery. The lucky customer then received a replacement device for the price of the battery service.

Equally irritating: According to iGeneration, the new directive is not yet to apply in France, as CHST Apple Retail has complained that the new guidelines would jeopardize its employees.

Conclusion: At the moment these are just rumors. Before you hand in your iPhone with third-party battery in the Apple Store, you better wait for the first user reports. Devices with replacement batteries are now accepted, but in case of repair problems, there may seem to be more problems.

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