Football Break Training for the Half Time

Young father with his little son playing football on football pitch

Young father with his little son playing football on football pitch

The football championship is upon us and our national team has spent weeks undergoing exhausting fitness tests. But what about you? Are you fit for the championship on the home sofa?

Oh, head and legs are so heavy, the stomach filled and you would prefer not to get off the couch – such a football championship can quite hog the television viewer. If you feel impulsive and choppy, this is usually due to lack of exercise and unhealthy food. Then let us do something about it! I’d like to show you a few exercises that you can easily do in the half-time break next to Pils and Chips. As you will see, you will feel more alert, fitter and better equipped for football championships in front of the TV.

Soil Climbing

Go on all fours and stretch your buttocks upwards. Shift most of your body weight to your feet and crawl forward (eg in the living room around the table). It should look like you’re climbing a wall. Do not make your steps too big to avoid putting too much strain on your knees. Keep your abdominal muscles tight during exercise. In this exercise you will quickly notice when it is enough.

Special squats

Spread your legs apart and your feet sideways outward. Get down on your knees and stretch the buttocks backwards, your body weight resting on your heels. Now lift your heels, keeping your body weight behind you. Now put your heels back on the floor and tense the thigh and gluteal muscles before straightening up again. Repeat this up and down motion until you feel a slight “burning sensation” in the thighs.

Dips on the sofa

Sit on the edge of your sofa. Support yourself with the palms of your hands and slide down from the sofa so that your weight rests on your hands. Now slowly lower yourself until your arms are at a 90-degree angle – inhale! The body stays as close as possible to the sofa. Now slowly push yourself up again, while you breathe out. Meanwhile, the shoulder blades are pulled back so as not to stress the neck muscles too much. If you feel the exercise in the shoulders, your elbows are not close enough together. Repeat the movement 10 to 15 times.


Lie on your side and trim on your elbow. Important: push the hips forward, tense the buttocks and abdominal muscles. Lift the leg with your foot bent and exhale. Inhale again while slowly lowering the leg down to about 3 inches over the other leg. Repeat the movement until you feel a slight burning sensation in the thigh and buttocks.

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