Northern Lights

Northern lights, aurora borealis there are different terms for the unique natural spectacle and almost everyone has heard of them. But what exactly are these Magical Northern Lights?

Scientifically explained, the lights arise when electrically charged particles from the sun meet gas particles in the air on our earth. This usually happens after a solar storm or a coronal mass ejection. Depending on the nature of the particles and the height at which they collide with the earth, different colors are created.

The Northern Lights Shine in the Colors

  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Yellow
  • White

Most of the time the play of light only lasts a few minutes, but sometimes you are lucky and experience the lights, especially after a solar storm, sometimes for several hours. Since a solar storm is difficult to predict, it is also difficult to schedule the northern lights. So be prepared to wait a few days for the event.

Northern Lights Canada

Reports of colored lights that danced in the starry sky. The event can only be seen on a dark, clear night, and the closer you are to the North Pole or the colder it is, the more intense the experience. The spectacle can also be seen in Canada.

Where in Canada best to see the Northern Lights

In Canada, you can see the Northern Lights clearly at night along the entire coastline. The stars and the famous northern lights are best observed in places that are not very populated and impair visibility due to light pollution.

These conditions must be met so that you have a clear view of the event

  • Clear sky
  • Lots of darkness
  • Cold, possibly snow

Usually, you can only see the northern lights in the winter season when it is darkest.

It is best to travel in

  • October
  • November
  • December

However, it is sometimes still cold and dark enough until March, so that one still has the opportunity to see this natural phenomenon. Between 12:00 am and 4:00 am, the chances of catching a glimpse of the lights are highest.

Many people travel to Canada each year to see the Northern Lights. Thus, many hotels and providers have specifically adjusted to this and offer extra heated glass domes or cabins for overnight stays at the right times of the year.

You can also optimally experience the nature and sights of Canada with a caravan. So you are flexible and can travel through the various nature reserves and find the ideal place to watch the northern lights.

You have the best view in these regions:

  • Wood Buffalo National Park
  • Jasper National Park
  • Northwest Territories
  • British Columbia – Alberta

Even if you can’t always see the bright colors of the lights with the naked eye, everyone who has seen the Northern Lights reports of a unique experience.

The Myth about the Northern Lights

For centuries people watched the colorful spectacle in the night sky. Since it could not be explained scientifically, unlike today, many myths and superstitions arose around the northern lights.

Northern Lights in Canada

Every country has its own Legends that Range from:

  • Nordic gods who lead your warriors through the night with glowing armor
  • Deceased souls and lights that can reach down and cut off your head if you irritate them.
  • Souls of children who died in childbirth.

Canada’s Inuit and Indian tribes also have their own legends about the Northern Lights:

  • They are deceased ancestors and one can communicate with them through the lights.
  • The northern lights are ghost torches that show the dead the way to the afterlife.

At that time people also believed in the demigod Nanabozho, who created humanity and earth and represented his presence through the lights.

There are also many much darker stories and myths.

  • The northern lights are said to be lanterns of demons chasing lost souls.
  • The spirits of the enemy seek revenge and bring plague, calamity, and death with them.

Some peoples were forbidden to speak or wave under the northern lights, otherwise, the spirits would come to fetch them. In some villages it was even said that women who are pregnant and are expecting their child soon are not allowed to look into the northern lights, otherwise, the newborn will be born cross-eyed.

On the contrary, other cultures consider the lights to be a good omen.

  • Young couples in love reinforce their desire to have children under the northern lights.
  • Children born during the northern lights are particularly pretty, clever, and blessed with a lot of luck.

No matter how you look at it, whether scientifically or spiritually, the northern lights all have something magical and you should definitely have experienced this natural spectacle.

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