Avoid Unpleasant Holiday

I’ve gained at least five pounds on vacation – who does not know this sentence? Often you treat yourself on vacation one or the other portion more. Straight on, it ends up directly on the body, usually on the hips. But how can one avoid these additional, unwelcome holiday souvenirs? These five tips will help you:

Regional Cuisine instead of Burger and Co.

Be open for new culinary discoveries: Instead of always looking for the next international fast food chain, get involved in something new. Try the local cuisine. Especially seaside countries offer a wide variety of fish and seafood dishes. These are not only delicious, but also rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are very valuable to the body.

Do not Overdo the Buffet

Especially with all-inclusive offers, it is very tempting to overeat and drink. The usually rich, opulent buffets are very risky that a load ends up on the plate too much. Make sure that you do not exaggerate and prefer to carry small, manageable portions to the table. Or you use small plates instead of big plates, they fill up faster and you automatically eat less. If you are hungry then you can always get another supply.

Pack Travel Provisions

Pack Travel Provisions

Before you start a trip, you should think of the right travel provisions: No matter whether by car, bus, train or plane, especially at longer travel times, the hunger will eventually come up. Both in the dining car and on rest stops the food and drinks are usually overpriced. Therefore, it is advisable to think ahead and pack something in advance. Good examples are nuts, rice waffles, various dried fruits, sandwiches. The best are snacks that are long-lasting and easy to eat. But be careful when choosing when you’re on the plane: first, ask yourself what’s allowed by your airline.

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Water instead of soda and Co.

Drinking a lot is healthy. Especially in hot temperatures, it is necessary that the body gets enough liquid. But pay attention to the content when choosing the drink. Grate rather to the water bottle than to sweetened or sweetened drinks. Lemonades, ice tea, etc. are unnecessary calorie bombs. Water quenches the thirst and is important for our organism.

Holiday Pleasure instead of Holiday Frustration

Enjoying holidays and taking your time is the motto. You are on vacation and can enjoy the time. Instead of picking up something quick at the next opportunity, find a nice spot and let yourself be pampered with local delicacies. Unwind, eat consciously, and engage in interesting conversations with your friends and family. If you take your time, you can better listen for your body and recognize when hunger is satisfied. In addition, it digests easily with a clear conscience.