Food gives our body energy and drives us. Especially in the demanding everyday work, it is important to pay attention to a balanced lunch, to replenish the reserves and thus to be active and efficient the rest of the day. How to make it easier to maintain a healthy diet even in stressful office life, you read in the article.

What does a healthy lunch look like?

As with nutrition in general, balance and versatility should also be respected at lunch. A rich, healthy lunch ideally consists of several components: fresh vegetables or salad, low-fat meat, fish or vegetable proteins (eg legumes) and complex carbohydrates (such as whole grains). Fat should be consumed in moderation. It is important to pay attention to the quality of the fat: high-quality vegetable fats and oils are to be preferred. Also, sugar and salt should be used sparingly. Varied herbs or spices make it easier to reduce salt. For sweet hunger or as an afternoon snack, for example, fruit, nuts or natural yogurt with oatmeal and berries are suitable.

Tip: Sufficient drinking is also part of a healthy diet. At least 1.5 liters of liquid is recommended – preferably water or unsweetened tea.

Planning is Everything

Cooking a healthy meal in the morning before work is usually hardly possible. For one thing, there is not enough time, and probably also the ingredients. The first thing to do in the office is that time fails, and often the infrastructure does not allow extensive cooking.

It is helpful to consider already at the weekend, what you would like to eat the next days, to do a weekly shopping and cook as well as possible or prepare. Vegetables can already be chopped, lettuce washed and fruits portioned. Many dishes can also be prepared in advance (tip: soups, stews or curries usually taste even better after warming up because the spices were able to develop). Freezing portions is also a great way to whip up a healthy lunch later without cooking.

In addition to a healthy meal during the lunch break, also plan snacks for the morning and afternoon. In between, the small hunger is only too happy to report. Spontaneously eating a healthy snack at work is often difficult. If you have fruits, nuts or vegetables to nibble on, you avoid resorting to sweets in times of need.

Tip: Empty jam jars are great for transporting your prepared meals – you do not have to invest in expensive snack boxes.

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Have a Break for Lunch

It is legally required the lunch break. However, many do not allow themselves to spend their time away from their desks in their stressful work routine. A short break from the office with fresh air and a healthy lunch are not only good for the body, but also for concentration and performance.

In addition, eating in front of the PC is anything but healthy. From time to time it may not be set up differently, but generally, you should take time for meals and concentrate on eating. The stomach thanks you, and also sets a faster feeling of satiety, if you allow your senses to focus on eating.