SEO is for some a kind of rocket science. The search engine optimization is not so complicated, as is often assumed. With the right resources, professional foundations can be created to sustainably optimize website traffic.

Especially for young companies it is becoming increasingly important that the responsible marketers understand the holistic concept of SEO. Because the understanding affects not only technical SEO aspects of the website, but also on content, the UX design and the structure.

What is SEO anyway?

SEO stands for search engine optimization and refers to the improvement of the search engine ranking and the organic traffic of a website. SEO makes content easier to find in search engines like Google or Bing by potential buyers. By a decent optimizing not only the number of site visitors is increased, but also the quality of the traffic. Ideally, the stream of visitors is already interested in your business performance. By contrast, random visitors are undesirable because they are not interested and usually leave the website quickly.

The SEO can be divided into the areas of technical, content and structural search engine optimization. To become an SEO expert, you must therefore internalize the following 3 points:

  • Website quality: In order for content to be ranked on Google, the technical requirements of the website must be right. These include factors such as the charging speed, responsive design for mobile devices or broken image files.
  • Content: The quality of content also plays a big role in terms of SEO. The texts should be adapted to the readers and contain in the right places the most important keywords. However, the same headings or too short content has a negative effect on the SEO result.
  • SEO measures: SEO measures are carried out not only on the website (on-page SEO) but also outside the website (off-page SEO). In this area, internal and external links, backlinks or indexability play a major role.

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5 online programs to become SEO expert

In order to become an SEO expert, the practical experience is particularly crucial. Also in the SEO, the knowledge can be better imprinted when exercises are put into practice directly. However, to avoid premature errors on the website, care should be taken here.

Errors in SEO like to punish search engines for a longer period of time. Beginner mistakes can cause a lot of damage to the ranking. If you are still at the beginning of the game, you should first look at a course or an online program to get the SEO right the first time. In the following I have selected 5 leading SEO programs in the world.

SEMrush Academy

SEMrush offers a complete learning center around SEO, PPC and content marketing. As a leading provider of SEO tools, SEMrush understands the matter down to the last detail and passes on the knowledge in its online courses to beginners and advanced users. The SEO courses cover all relevant areas in order to bring the ranking of your own website to the front.

Special advantages:

  • The course is free
  • The course materials are regularly updated and adapted to new trends

SEO Course from MOZ

The online courses from MOZ give a very good overview of the different topics in SEO. The different areas are housed in individual courses that enable an individual training program. It covers topics such as link building, keyword research, reporting, SEO audits and on-page actions. Software provider MOZ also offers the opportunity to use individually composed webinars for their own team. If you want to put together your own in-house team for SEO, MOZ is the right place for you.

Special advantages:

  • Individual design
  • Selection of prices according to the scope of the offer

Yoast SEO Training

Many know Yoast as the leading SEO plugin for WordPress. If you want to understand the background of the plugin, you should take a closer look at Yoast’s SEO training. The program covers the fundamental aspects and topics of SEO and offers a comprehensive insight into the optimization possibilities of your own website.

Special advantages:

  • Selection of free courses
  • Complete package that covers all areas of SEO

HubSpot Learning Center: SEO Training Course

HubSpot is not only the leading software provider for inbound marketing, but also a great facilitator of free knowledge on sales, SEO or content marketing. The SEO learning module provides a clear overview of the most important aspects of search engine optimization. The structure of the course is clearly understood and builds on each other. Anyone who relies on HubSpot anyway will find the elementary aspects of SEO here.

Special advantages:

  • Free course
  • Meaningful structure and easily understandable explained

Website Pilots

If you want to do a SEO course, you have to search for a long time. Because there are no large number of professional SEO programs, so the course of website pilots stands out directly. The program is especially suitable for beginners and covers the technical optimization of a WordPress page, keyword analysis or backlinks.

Special advantages:

  • Speaking variant
  • Good entry for beginners

Conclusion – SEO expert will be

Search engine optimization is a topic that should not be taken lightly. Errors in this area can usually only be remedied with difficulty – therefore a certain basic understanding of SEO is very important. The presented courses give a good insight into the topic world and to become a long-term SEO expert. If you want to invest time and money in a course, then you should consider in advance, at which level you want to enter and what expectations you place on the course