Companies like Red Bull, Coca-Cola or IKEA are investing millions in their own content marketing. This approach quickly scares off many SMEs and startups. However, as many content marketing examples show, millions of dollars do not have to flow before a successful content marketing event occurs.

Successes in content marketing can be achieved through a customer-centered strategy, high-quality content and successful storytelling. And there are no 7-digit amounts needed, but commitment, commitment, and a high-quality standard!

In the following, I would like to point out with the help of 7 content marketing examples that the content marketing with large, but also with relatively small budgets is feasible. Whether in global corporations, in SMEs or in young startups – the examples show that correctly implemented content marketing always works.

7 content marketing examples we can learn from

Buffer – 10,000 users through quality blog articles and collaborations

Buffer is a prime example of successful content marketing in young startups. Founders Leo Widrich and Joel Gascoigne were in 2010 in a typical startup situation. The startup had a useful product but lacked brand awareness and Internet reach.

Leo decided to put on big blogs and online magazines to increase awareness. However, this idea did not work out. None of the blogs or magazines wanted to report on the newly founded startup. For the founder, Leo was clear that he had to produce their own content.

content-marketing-examples buffer
Source: Buffer Blog /

The Buffer founder initially decided on a mix of short social media posts via Twitter and quality articles on his own blog. This form of content marketing paid off. Because only 10 months after the first article Buffer could win 10,000 users. Why has Leo Widrich achieved such a great success in content marketing? What can we learn from his content marketing strategy?

Leo has been strategic since day one. He has incorporated his passion, conviction, and expertise into the topics. The content was high quality, SEO-optimized and aimed at the right target group. Leo Widrich has not reported on his own startup in his articles but has provided real added value for the potential users.

In this way, he was able to build relationships with readers and influencers and increase the awareness of his blog. Through additional guest articles and cooperations, the young startup managed the rapid increase to 10,000 users in 10 months. Apart from the opportunity costs incurred, content marketing could be implemented completely without a budget.

Key insights: Strategic approach, subject matter expertise, influencer outreach

John Neeman Tools – 1 million video views without a marketing budget

The Latvian craftsman John Neeman Tools proves that success in content marketing is possible without a large budget. Founder and Zimmerman Jacob put a self-made video on Youtube online in 2012, which has significantly increased the reach of the small business. The content and the story? The video shows the process of making an ax in an authentic way.

To date, the video has more than 1 million video views. The associated Youtube channel also cuts well with 40,000 subscribers. A real success for a craft business without a marketing budget! Because John Neeman Tools has invested according to the statement of the founder not a cent in their own marketing.

How could John Neeman Tools realize this success without a budget? Jacob and his team have incorporated their passion and used the resources that were available. Because the production of the video was done with Jacob’s own camera. Subsequently, Jacob created a suitable website and texts, which are still used today for the further marketing of the video.

Jacob has therefore focused on a holistic content strategy in this project. Especially important: The video does not show any advertising messages – it convinces with emotions and an individual added value.

The most important findings: self-employment, use of existing resources, abandonment of advertising messages

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Host Europe – 5-digit traffic through the corporate blog

Host Europe shows that a corporate blog can achieve great success in content marketing. The company is one of the largest hosting providers in Europe today and has a high Internet reach. In 2014, Host Europe initially focused on building a long-term content marketing strategy.

content marketing examples host europe
Source: Host Europe Blog /

This laid an important foundation for successful content marketing. As a tactical measure, the hosting provider chose among other things the design of a corporate blog. Today, the blog has tens of thousands of visitors a month. Visitors expect high-quality content and useful information about hosting, online business and web development.

Which methods have enabled Host Europe to achieve such high traffic? Host Europe focused on long-term growth and accepted short-term setbacks. Crucially, Host Europe had a clearly defined timetable for the corporate blog. The company continues to develop high quality and useful contributions to help potential customers retain their brand.

The key findings: clearly defined goals, SEO focus, long-term strategy

HubSpot – millions in revenue through outstanding content

The next content marketing example shows what successful content marketing looks like. HubSpot is a marketing automation provider with world-class content. Since 2006, the company has been pursuing a strategic approach to content marketing. All content is free and targeted to clearly defined audiences.

Over the years, HubSpot built a unique positioning and trust with content marketing. Today, Hubspot’s $ 3 billion million dollar revenue and a 1 billion $ valuations approach are used in this strategic approach. In 2006, this rating was less than $ 80 million. How did HubSpot achieve this outstanding success with content marketing?

content marketing examples hubspot
Source: HubSpot Blog /

From day one, HubSpot understood the basic principles of content marketing. The CRM offered by the startup is based on the topics of inbound marketing, lead generation, PPC and content. The founders, therefore, incorporated their expertise into the development of their own content marketing. The content marketing of HubSpot convinces by a clear structure in the different areas of the sales funnel.

HubSpot provides informative blog posts and audiovisual material for the upper part of the funnel. HubSpot offers three different corporate blogs (marketing, sales, and service) in different languages to target the right people. For the center and the bottom of the funnel are high-quality e-books, Trials, webinars and case studies available? Through its own content hub (, HubSpot also offers educational content, reaching more than 300,000 monthly visitors. HubSpot proves that organic traffic, optimal lead generation, and customer loyalty can be implemented through content marketing.

Key insights: High quality content, strategic approach, focus on target audience

Hornbach – 7-digit calls for video tutorials

Content marketing is not only suitable for young startups, but also for established companies at the Group level. The Hornbach example shows that content relevant to the target group is more important than ever before. Hornbach never puts its own products in the foreground and does not introduce hidden advertising messages into content marketing.

The focus is finally on solving the problems of customers before and after a purchase. Hornbach offers extensive content around the topics of building, renovation or garden in the form of videos and short blog posts. Although Hornbach already has a large reach, the content marketing strengthens customer loyalty and confidence in addition.

To offer added value, Hornbach provides detailed video tutorials, guides and material lists free of charge on the website and in social media. Most of the videos have more than 100,000 viewers – especially popular videos (eg roofing) even have more than 1 million video views. Obviously, HORNBACH relies on a successful strategy and a meaningful content mix.

The most important findings: focus on added value, no advertising messages, useful videos with a focus on Youtube.

American Express – Trustful contact for companies and individuals

American Express has had a long reach and brand awareness for decades. An investment in content marketing is therefore not suitable for such goals. The US financial services provider nevertheless provides high-quality and free content. Articles and tutorials are regularly uploaded through the OPEN Forum content hub for added value.

AMEX places a strong focus on financing, business trends, and productivity. With the user in the foreground, the brand and business performance of American Express disappear behind the scenes. Such helpful content can boost confidence in American Express.

Also from the SEO point of view convinced 2007 started the OPEN forum. The content hub comes with its own brand name – the website still runs on the main domain. In this way, the OPEN Forum also contributes to a strong increase in organic traffic. American Express has also set itself the goal of expanding its content hub as a social network for entrepreneurs in the coming years. This makes AMEX another prime example of successful content marketing.

The most important findings: building trust, long-term focus, customer and added value are in the foreground.

Conclusion – 7 content marketing examples

The 7 content marketing examples have shown that content marketing regardless of sector or budget work. If we look at the insights of each content marketing strategy, then you can see a specific pattern. The following points are particularly common:

  • Strategic approach
  • Clear goals (focus on brand awareness, traffic, customer loyalty or reach)
  • Focus on long-term results
  • Use of existing resources

So that these points are integrated, no million budget is necessary! Focus your content marketing on your goals, the target audience and the resources available.