4 Low Budget Gadgets for Better Videos

Without having a video on the website, it’s hard to get enough attention these days.

But turning a video is often just as difficult as it takes a lot of effort, planning and costly technology to create anything that somehow meets the current standards of quality.

Because I’m passionate about creating and editing videos myself, for many years, and even before YouTube existed, I now know a few gadgets that can help boost the quality of your videos for little money.

1. Selfie stick as a savings tripod

Smatree Extendable Pole / Selfie Stick with Tripod for GoPro Hero7 / 2018, Hero ...

Tripods are extremely expensive. Whether tripod or monopod – who wants something reasonable and robust, easily pays over one hundred euros for it. Usually even the accessories are missing, so more money is needed to use the tripod flexibly.

Do not worry, you do not need that at first. My tip is a selfie stick with normal thread, so that compact cameras or camcorders can easily be attached. Yes, the whole thing is a bit shaky, but it still stabilizes your recordings.

Plus, the selfie stick is pretty flexible. You can take shots while running, pin it down somewhere, use it as an extended arm, and do all sorts of other things with it. This is also because he is small, light and cheap. There are also extensions with which the selfie stick becomes a tripod, or gets a firm footing. Everything pretty handy.

The best is that such selfie sticks only cost around 20 euros. This is much less than a tripod and significantly cheaper than the still quite expensive Gorillapods. Incidentally, the latter are extremely fast and worthwhile, at least in my opinion, absolutely not.

2. Light set for better lighting

Neewer 2 Piece CN-160 Dimmable Ultra High Power Panel LED Video Lights Photography Lighting Kit

Lighting is the alpha and omega of filming. If you film indoors, you can not do without it. But you can not take ordinary lamps, because they have the wrong color and are generally too dark.

Easy to handle and relatively affordable, LED lights are. Make sure that they reach 5600K, so have the daylight level. The more LED’s are installed, the brighter and better. Also, remember: A lamp produces shadows, so you always need two or three to make the shadows disappear.

Corresponding sets are available from one of the better China manufacturers, namely Neewer. It’s almost a brand name when it comes to cheap camera equipment.

Can I also recommend you personally, because whenever it should be cheap, I try to get something from Neewer, because the processing is often surprisingly good. In any case according to the price.

3. ND filter for more blur

No matter which camera you use, if you use it in conjunction with lots of light or filming in the blazing sun, you absolutely need an ND filter. An ND filter is a gray filter, so something like a pair of sunglasses for your camera.

In a nutshell, the ND filter, like a pair of sunglasses, simply makes sure that not too much light falls on the “eye” (sensor) of your camera. This in turn makes it possible to choose longer exposure times or to open the aperture wider, which in turn brings blurring in portraits, etc., where it would not be possible without ND filter.

Strong light is thus reduced by the ND filter so that you can freely choose the settings. Actually quite simple, often forgotten by newcomers or simply underestimated.

And because most do not plan long-term exposures, an ND filter is almost always about getting as much background blur as possible in strong sunlight. Without that, it’s virtually impossible.

4. External microphone for clear sound

Rode VidMic Go VideoMic Go On Camera Microphone incl. Rycote Lyre Mount

Finally, it is important to always pay attention to the tone. No matter what video you look at, usually something is wrong with the sound. Still, the sound quality is THE big problem when it comes to recording. Especially on YouTube this is noticeable.

Really perfect is in the end only an expensive shotgun microphone of a noble brand, let’s do nothing. But better than nothing, pretty much every on-camera microphone. For example, one from Rode.

This is available for little money and it ensures that your sound is recorded much better than with the built-in micro.

In my opinion, duty, because as I said: The sound is a major problem in most videos and microphones are in the video shoot like sometimes, where most want to save first. But it does not help, because bad sound destroys every video filmed so brilliantly.

It does not always have to be expensive

Now it should be clear to everyone that the cheap products in the end, of course, are not always the highest quality of their kind. No wonder, because they usually cost less than half of what mediocrity defines. Directional microphones, for example, cost a few thousand euros.

But that’s exactly what this is about. Achieve as much as possible with little money. I myself had each of these gadgets in my hands before and I can say that these are my personal winners compared to other products available for the money. Because there is an incredible amount of equipment and accessories, but as soon as it goes into the low-budget area, much of it is scrap.

Also, these gadgets here will not magically transform your videos to Hollywood productions, more is needed than expensive equipment. But you will greatly enhance your recordings by making big improvements, making small bucks. Because even if in the end the idea and the implementation always succeed, certain quality standards must be kept. Be it the sound or the illumination of a recording.

I hope, I could help you a bit with my recommendations and motivate you to even make a video or upgrade your current clips.

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