The new platform bundles special works from Google’s creative area. It also offers two new tools.

Google unveiled the new platform Create with Google on Wednesday at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity. It provides resources and tools for every stage of the creative process, writes Pedro Pina, Google’s Vice President of Global Client & Agency Solutions, in a blog post to launch the platform.

Inspiration and tools

Create with Google should inspire and support, writes Pina. In the area of inspiration, you will find the “most innovative, intelligent and imaginative” projects from Google’s creative area – the majority of the first entries are videos published on Youtube. The platform also offers two free tools.

With Audience Connect, users can connect to Google Slides on their smartphone – producers receive feedback in real-time. When creating a Trueview video, creators could see when the audience skipped the clip.

Youtube Mockup tool

The Youtube Mockup tool is also intended for feedback before publishing. Producers can upload their videos to an authentic Youtube environment. Customers or colleagues can then view the result as it would later for the audience.

Today, there are so many platforms, signals and information sources for creative people like never before writes Pinar. With the new platform, Google wants to bind its customers to its own platforms. Because of the interaction of data and technology can promote creativity and contribute to success.

The long-term goal: “We hope that Create with Google becomes a global community.” The website is currently available in English, Spanish, Korean and Japanese. More languages will be added during the year.