Being a YouTuber, you might already be familiar with the amount of competition to rank your video on the top of your niche related keywords. Along with the struggle to get on top, there are endless ways for your video to fail to get the desired views and engagements. There are numerous YouTubers perfecting their imperfections with every video to make it look perfect, but there are only some videos that are able to be liked by a massive number of audience and gets lots of daily engagements. So, what are the factors that separate the quality videos from other ones and what factors make a YouTuber not succeed? Here are the reasons that are making your videos boring and not getting the desired achievement:

Your Video parts are too Long

The Only Reasons Why People Fail In Youtube 1

You might record a lot of small parts, also called “scenes” and add them together to get the final output. But, are your recordings or parts small enough? Whether it is the case of a TV show, a movie or youtube videos, people always like fast-moving content. This is also the common engagement tactic of the advertisement community. You might see a story of three months in a 3-minute ad film. That’s what interests the audience. The recording too long, having unnecessary conversations, very long scenes repetitive scenes, long reactions are what makes a video uninteresting and boring. This is why all the top video communities or channels keep their scenes shorter, because the shorter, the better.

Your Camera or Editing Quality Sucks


You might think that your mobile camera quality is nothing less than a professional quality recording. You might also have compared your video quality with the professional ones, but there are some vulnerabilities associated. Firstly, mobile cameras become lousy when it comes to editing or adding some special effects to your videos. This creates wrong impressions especially when your channel is about travel, food vlog, etc… 

Marketing is not your thing

Marketing your videos is essential when it comes to ranking your videos and gaining popularity for your channel. Channels who fail to market themselves appropriately are easily forgotten by their audience, whereas the channels who market properly get the lasting acknowledgment and are able to cover up more for their viewership. Marketing is very important especially when you have low subscriber count, to increase your presence on youtube and get your videos recognized. One of the reasons why people keep adding videos and can’t get enough subscribers is that along with the content, they don’t focus on marketing. 

Your Videos look good Thumbnails

Videos look good Thumbnails

Thumbnails are the very first impression of your videos. It is a known fact that lots of viewers, instead of reading the title, just look at the thumbnails and select the video that creates a great impression in their mind.  The relevant thumbnail acts as an advertisement for your video. Selecting the thumbnail which is not so good will make your watch time go small. 

Failure in Search Optimizing Title and Description

Optimizing your title and description is very essential for increasing your search appearance. The more relevant the video’s title and description are, the easier it will be for youtube to suggest or recommend it to your audience. Doing no keyword research will never be making your video appear high in the search rankings. Further, the description is the best place to place your LSI keywords. Doing such will make you rank higher.

Repetitive Content

Your existing subscribers are going to leave your channel if your content is highly repetitive and features the same things in each video. For Ex- If you talk about the same things, whether it is about you, your channel related, or even the same things related to your content that you also have said in your previous videos, the audience will get bored of you and will be going to leave you. Making unique and fresh content is always advisable by the youtube community.

No fixed time for uploads

No fixed time for uploads YouTube

You don’t have any fixed date or time for uploading your content. You upload whenever you feel like. You are too lazy and procrastinating and upload at irregular time intervals, or you are too frequent and upload lots of videos daily. Both will make your videos lacking views. Uploading too frequent will make your view count go down, as youtube is not going to promote and feature all your videos all in one. So, while there is a chance for one of your videos to go up, others might have to suffer. Similarly, uploading too late at irregularity will not only affect the self-featuring of your videos but also affect your subscribers. Make a fixed schedule, for uploading videos. Youtube loves regular content.

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