The most successful is my blogging, on which I have been posting regularly for more than 14 years. But others have developed well and I’ve been living off my websites and blogging for many years now. I’ve learned a lot over the years. Often the hard way. Today, from this wealth of experience, I am listing what I believe are the most important tips for budding blogging beginners. This is how blogging beginners make their blog successful. I have the best tips for blogging beginners.

The best tips for blogging beginners

The following tips come in no particular order. The more you can do with blogging, the better it will work.


Anyone blogging in a certain industry should stay up to date. That’s why bloggers should read a lot. Most of all other blogs, of course. This also improves your own writing skills dramatically.


Nobody is an island. And for bloggers, in particular, it is very important to make contacts. Mainly to other bloggers, of course, but also to companies in their own industry. After all, at some point, you want free test samples, advertisements, or the like.


That’s a saying. And of course, that’s also true with blogging. Only when you have one goal or several goals can you derive the right measures. And of course, you can only measure success if you have set yourself goals beforehand.


You make plans out of goals. What content do I write? Where do I try to get links? Which marketing instruments do I use? Which target group am I addressing? By when do I want to have achieved something? A good plan also makes daily work easier.


There are already enough blogs of all kinds. The target group may initially be smaller, but they feel optimally addressed and are more loyal. This is also good news for advertisers.


The first impression counts and if you find an empty blog, you will most likely not come back.


Many aspiring bloggers have concerns about whether their articles are good enough. This is completely normal.

Unique content

The content is the most important criterion for the success of a blog. So don’t just chew on any news that you can read on hundreds of other blogs.  Make your articles unique.

Search engine optimization

Many don’t like SEO. This is not about any prohibited measures, but about optimizing your own blog. This is also recommended by Google. There are, for example, free WordPress plugins for this.



It is very important to blog regularly. Whether it is every day or once a week is up to you. But if you blog intensively for 2-3 days and then write nothing for a month, you will rarely be successful and not find many regular readers.

Own style

In order for you to stay in your readers’ minds and stand out from the crowd of other blogs, you have to develop your own style, among other things. Your “voice” must be recognizable. This is usually done through a nice, friendly, and communicative style. There are bloggers who get a lot of attention from bullying and the like. But that usually doesn’t last.


Mistakes are important.  But that’s very good because you learn more from it than from success. And only those who keep learning will be successful in the long term.

To link

Many bloggers are very economical with external links. That is a big mistake. Only those who diligently and without regrets (ie without “no follow” :-)) links to other blogs and websites will get links back. Then you don’t need to start swapping links or anything.

Social web

In addition to visitors to Google, a lot of readers come through social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc. today.

Reader feedback

Every comment and every email is worth gold. Answer questions in comments, thank you for praise, and respond to criticism. Whoever comes into contact with his readers creates a personal level that turns one-time visitors into returning regular readers. You also learn a lot about the wishes of the target group.

Your eye

It took me a while. But at some point, I developed an eye for topics that could be interesting for my blogs. Go through the (online and offline) world with open eyes and take in people’s wishes, problems, worries, etc. in order to turn them into good articles.


The competition can be very helpful. Learn from the competition and implement what you have learned in your own blog.  It’s enough if it is better than your competitors’ blogs. 🙂



Money Making blogging is a nice thing. But if you blog just for the money, you will eventually lose interest. Money should never be the number 1 motivation in blogging.


Forget all those “get rich overnight” gurus. Building a blog is hard work and most of it won’t get rich. But if you have the necessary patience and motivation, you can live from blogging at some point. I did that after a few years.


Keep your blog software up to date. WordPress, for example, publishes updates regularly. Or do you want your blog to be hacked? If you use a blog service, you don’t have to worry about it.


The look is important. It’s like in real life. No matter how good your posts are, if your blog looks bad and is difficult to use, you won’t find many readers.


If you want to write articles for your blog regularly or even every day, you have to have fun with it. If you don’t enjoy writing, it will be difficult in the long run.


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