The term SEO stands for “search engine optimization” and includes the optimization of websites for all search engines. In particular, the mechanism of the Google search engine has a significant impact on whether an individual website receives an optimal ranking or not. A ranking in the top 3 Google results offers the greatest opportunities for organic traffic.

Although many digital companies rely on different tactics in marketing, responsible employees should strive for a long-term SEO strategy. In the following, we will show you the reasons for investing in SEO and what points to consider.

The most important background of search engine optimization

The Google search engine generates up to 40,000 queries per second. A majority of users are looking for information, entertainment, problem-solving or product comparisons. Since about 73% of searchers only stay on the first Google page, it becomes clear that a good ranking is essential. Digital companies that want to position themselves on the Internet are simply dependent on an optimal ranking in the search engines.

The visibility on the Internet is particularly relevant for digital companies since a large part of the value chain through the website or the online store is generated. It is important to start early on with search engine optimization because building an organic reach is long term. An investment in a good ranking therefore only pays off after several months or years.

In the search engine optimization to improve the technical and substantive aspects of your website. It makes sense, therefore, an expert or an SEO agency in the claim to take when you are in this area does not feel safe.

If you are looking for long-term growth for your digital business, you should think about the possible implementation of an SEO strategy during the website launch.

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Concrete Advantages of an Optimal Google Ranking

For many marketing employees, the numerous terms of SEO are difficult to grasp. It is easier to use the concrete advantages of an optimal Google ranking. For this reason, we take a look at the biggest advantages of a correctly conducted search engine optimization:

  • Increase in organic traffic and higher user numbers; From this higher sales can be achieved
  • The higher number of potential customers in the sales funnel
  • Future savings from paid social media ads or search engine advertising
  • Increase the Internet reach and increase brand awareness

As you can see, investing in SEO is valuable to a digital business. An improved position in the search engines, like Google, leads to a higher number of potential customers and increased sales.

SEO is an ongoing process for Digital Businesses

SEO does not work overnight. The marketing staff needs to think long and have patience in this area. Since the structure of the search engines changes over time, the SEO should be adopted permanently. Search engine optimization is, therefore, an ongoing process.

When creating your website, make sure that technical details are implemented from day one. Errors in this area will cause Google to not include your subpages in the index. Due to technical errors, you, therefore, lose valuable time in building a leading position in the search engines. You should also keep your hands off questionable tricks or shortcuts. Policy violations will result in your site being penalized by Google and disappearing from the index.

The technical implementation of an ideal SEO strategy can usually be implemented within a few days. Over time, however, high-quality content must be published to provide valuable content to the audience. It is precisely in this area that an ongoing process is important. Because without high-quality content you can not reach a top position in the search engines.

The so-called Off-page SEO is one of the regular tasks of search engine optimization. When building backlinks to your website, you should always pay attention to high quality. Google checks the quality of the backlinks and includes this result in the ranking position of the website. An optimally executed SEO strategy, therefore, requires a great deal of time or financial resources.


SEO is a meaningful and secure investment for companies that rely on a strong Internet presence. It is important that you invest in high-quality SEO work and think long term. Basically, you should expect a period of six months to a year before the first results are visible.