Videos are the communication tool of modern times. This article shows you in a simple step-by-step tutorial on how to create your own YouTube channel in just a few steps. With this guide, you can start uploading videos and expanding your community today.

You are in our article! Congratulations! With that, you’ve already understood one fundamental thing: Videos as a communication tool creates added value and is part of every successful marketing strategy.

For this reason, we do not want to talk about the bush any longer and get straight to the point. You have produced a terrific video, like that of Bayer, and want to share it with the world over YouTube? You also want to know how to create playlists and comment on videos? We show in this article, as you all in a few simple steps on its feet.
 Bayer’s refreshingly different video about your transparency initiative.

Starting your own YouTube channel takes at most a few minutes and is super easy. You can create a brand account with your Google Account. You can then use various settings to customize. Let’s take a look at the procedure in detail.

With these 4 steps to your own video channel.

1 Create a Google Business account – if it does not already exist.

If you already have a Google Business account, go straight to the section ” You already have a Google Account? “.

Do not have a Google Account yet?

Start your internet browser and go to Click Sign In in the upper-right corner of your screen.


After that, you’ll be redirected to a Google sign-in page. Click “Create Account”.



We recommend that you create a separate Google Business Account. This is because you can hire someone else in your company to take care of your YouTube business channel. So you do not have to share personal information like username and password.

So choose the option “Use my current email instead.”

Use my current email instead

Fill in all required information and then click “Create Account.” Afterward, Google will take you through a few steps to create your account. Upon completion, you will receive two emails from Google within minutes.

The first one asks you to confirm your current e-mail address. Simply click on the link provided. The second email will give you information about your new Gmail account. Archive this for later use.

First, to-do is done. Now continue as described below.

Do you already have a Google Account?

Go to Click Sign In in the upper-right corner of your screen. Immediately, the Google sign-in page appears. Select the correct account you want to link to your YouTube channel (if you have multiple accounts). In this case, this should be your Google Account for business purposes. Because this will serve you as a YouTube channel, to watch later, for example, videos and comments.

right Google Account into your new YouTube channel

Click on “Next” and you are already logged in. Now you are on the main YouTube homepage.

Now it’s time to set up your new YouTube channel.

2. Set up a Brand Account on YouTube.

There is currently no special business account or YouTube channel for businesses. Therefore, you will need to be comfortable with the settings options of a standard YouTube channel to make adjustments such as name, logo, and channel description.

In the upper right corner of the screen, discover your user icon or silhouette (if the profile picture is not maintained). Click on this and a drop-down menu will open. From this select “Settings”.

How to Start your YouTube Channel - With Instructions 1

The account overview page opens. Next, under “My Account”, click on “Create a new channel”.

How to Start your YouTube Channel - With Instructions 2

Now they are prompted to create your Brand Account. In principle, it does not matter which name you choose, but it should fit your brand. It may be a good idea to include the name of your product or service if you want to advertise your offer on your YouTube channel.

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The name of your YouTube channel should be short and creative so that the target group can memorize it better.

You may then be asked to verify your account via text message or another method. Do this by calling the code assigned to you. Only then will your dashboard be unlocked for further adjustments to your Brand Account.

3. Customize your YouTube channel to match your branding.

Now the creative part and, for some, the real fun of work begins. You now have the opportunity to customize your account according to your needs. You can add visual as well as descriptive elements to your profile. With this, you create your online identity, which is visible to every user and interacts with it. Consequently, you should take extra care in this step.

The strategies of a brand can be very different. Thus, the needs for the customization options of a YouTube channel. For this reason, in the following sections, we will focus only on the basic settings.

When you’re on the YouTube homepage, go back to the top corner of your profile and then click My Channel. Then click on the “Customize channel”. This will open the channel customization dashboard. Now follow points 1 to 3.

How to Start your YouTube Channel - With Instructions 3
  1. Advanced Settings & Account Information (gear icon).
  • Under “Customize Channel Layout,” click “Advanced Settings.”
  • Complete your profile picture and your channel name.
  • Enter descriptive keywords for your channel. This increases the chance on the YouTube search box to get better found.

2nd channel info.

  • Add an SEO-optimized channel description.
  • Provide the desired contact information.
  • Link your website and social media channels – up to 5 links are possible.
  • Your icons are displayed in the channel picture (see top picture with Facebook icon).

3rd channel picture.

Pay attention to the guidelines of YouTube, eg. For example, in terms of image size and other data guidelines, when you create, upload, and edit an image.
Make sure you have a responsive banner design, so your channel image should look great on desktop, mobile devices, and TV.

Please take a look at this compact YouTube video explaining:
Create, search, and edit 
YouTube channel images on your computer.

Finished! Now you can upload your first video.

4. Upload videos and optimize them SEO-compliant.

An SEO- optimized YouTube channel has first and foremost well-maintained channel information and descriptions. Uploaded videos are no less important. Optimize these as well for the search. You are doing well with the following tricks.


A video is usually selected by its title. That is, the first impression counts. Choose a title that stands out. He should be concise, understandable and peppy.

Video description.

You have 1,000 words to describe the content of your video. But do not overdo it. The users landed on YouTube because they watch videos and do not want to read extra-long texts. As with Google search results, only the first 1-2 lines of your description text are displayed here. Therefore, mention the most important thing first.


Use meaningful tags to tell your users more about the content of your video – if they do not necessarily want to read your video description. The tags also allow YouTube to categorize your videos and share them with similar videos. This increases your range.

Meaningful tags because YouTube reminds channel operators with misleading or false tags. The same applies to titles. YouTube has published a full article on misleading practices and fraud.


Finally, you should add your videos to a category. Like the tags, this is for associating similar video content. Therefore, the selection should be carefully considered so that your video does not go down in the wrong category and missed its target audience. For help, see the YouTube Creators lesson on Categories.


One thing we can assure you: Your content must be right. If it does not add value and entertain you, your SEO efforts may still be so good – but your video will not grow. Research what your target audience is interested in and then design an appropriate content marketing strategy. Do you have a mission for your video channel? Clarify questions such as: What is it good for and what do you want to achieve with it?

Watch the video from the YouTube Creators channel! The online marketing experts tell you straight out, why your channel has the right to exist.

These startup videos could also inspire you.

They are ready.

We are finished. You’ve created your YouTube channel, made the most important settings, published your first video, and applied YouTube SEO. Try further! Find out what works for you and what works well for your target group. True to the motto: trying is about studying! And most of all, you have fun with all of this.

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