7 Tips and Tricks for your new Android Phone

Android: Tips, Tricks, and Hacks

Here are some tips and tricks for getting started with your new Android smartphone.

Android is today the more advanced and up-to-date operating system. Android is constantly being updated, new features added and usability improved. Widgets that display dynamic content directly on the home screen have long been standard. In addition to the widgets, various skins and themes are offered, with which you can customize the Android interface individually. But Android offers many more benefits.


You can customize your Android smartphone in a few steps to your needs. There are widgets and launchers available. Just search the Play Store for “Widget” or “Launcher” and install one of the many apps.

File Manager:

File Manager

With a file manager, you can manage and edit your data, images, and documents as you already know from Windows Explorer. Again, just search for “File Manager” and download any.

Message Center:

With the news center, you can see what activities have taken place on your smartphone. Whether you have missed a call or whether an app has been updated can be easily determined by a swipe (on the display) from top to bottom.

PC Sync:

The Android smartphone allows you to synchronize your data unhindered between PC and smartphone. Simply plug your Android device with the included USB cables, PC.

Android Device Manager:

With the Android Device Manager, you can locate your smartphone or tablet, view a message or delete your data completely. The Android Device Manager is installed as standard on any Android device and can be easily accessed via Google or an App. Here you come to the Android Device Manager.

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Android Apps:

Android Apps

With an Android smartphone, you can get your apps from the Google Play Store or install apps as APK files. But you should only install APK files if you trust the content.

Google Play Store:

The Android Play Store is the Google App Store. Here you get your apps, games, music, videos, movies, and books on your Android smartphone. In the Play Store, you can manage your devices and determine which apps are installed on which device. The special thing about the Play Store is a few minutes’ returns on all your purchases.


With the Rooting, you get not only admin access to your folders but also to the whole system. As a root user, you have full control of the operating system, you can modify it, remove it or replace it with another operating system with a so-called Custom ROM. More info can be found at xda-developers.

For starters with your Android smartphone, I recommend the following informative blogs. Here you can find all the information about Android and many reports and app suggestions.

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