Whether during a dive into the coffee cup or during a heavy downpour – very quickly a smartphone accidentally gets more moisture than it does well. According to a study by Californian company Plaxo, the smartphone has actually fallen into the toilet for 19% of cell phone users. However, many of the electronic devices are highly sensitive, so the consequence of such accidents is often water damage.

Not only the value of the smartphone itself is important now – from private pictures to contact details to chat histories – our smartphone contains many valuable, personal and often not additionally backed-up data, which is why water damage quickly causes panic among those affected. Contrary to popular belief, however, such damage does not necessarily mean the end of the device and the farewell to the data on it, but can still be remedied. In this post, Reparando tells you what to look for in case of water damage to increase your chances of saving your smartphone:

Do not turn on your Smartphone

The first step in water damage is to keep the smartphone off. In any case, avoid turning on your phone as a test to see if it still works. Thus, the penetrated water can evaporate and consequential damage in the form of a short circuit can be prevented.

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Remove the Battery

Remove the Battery

In order to avoid that there is still tension on the phone and it can damage itself, you should if possible take out the battery. However, this is not possible with all smartphone models, as the battery is firmly installed in many new devices. For example, the iPhone 6 or the Samsung Galaxy S6 and other latest devices.

Remove your Micro SD and Sim card

Remove your Micro SD and Sim card

In some cases, any help may be too late for your smartphone, your contacts on the sim card or photos, music and videos stored on external memory cards can still be salvaged after a dive. Therefore, not only remove your battery but also these cards, dry them carefully and let them dry for some time before you secure your data.

Dab your Smartphone Dry

To remove your battery, you probably already had to remove the case of your smartphone. Now it is important to remove as much moisture as possible by carefully dabbing all accessible areas with an absorbent cloth, such as a kitchen towel.

Let your Smartphone Dry

In the next step, you put your phone on a cloth to let it dry. However, you should not mean it too well and expose your device to high heat by putting it in the oven, microwave or on the heater. Even a hairdryer harms the smartphone. Therefore, let the device dry for at least two full days in a warm and airy place.

In some cases, your smartphone may already work after these simple steps. It is nevertheless advisable in any case to bring the device to a specialist dealer to have it completely and professionally cleaned.