Today, the smartphone determines our everyday life in life enormously. It does not matter if we want to stay in contact with family, friends, acquaintances or work colleagues or use the device as our entertainer. So we thought about it and want to suggest a little comparison between Android users and iOS users. By and large, we just want to show you which games run more conveniently, faster, and more qualitatively on the operating system of your device, so you can understand the difference yourself.

Comparison of the Games for iOS and Android

Today, various mobile devices play a big role in our lives. With the help of cell phones and tablets, we can not only call and correspond but also take photos and videos, surf the Internet and even play with a bonus in an online casino. Android and iOS are today the best-known operating systems that are always compared. It should be noted that every iOS and Android user is very attached to his popular OS, and will never switch to another one. In addition, both operating systems have their own advantages and disadvantages. In this post, we try to compare the iOS and Android games according to their quality and the other important features.

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The Selection of Games for both Operation Systems

Games for iOS and Android

Both for iOS, as well as for Android, the selection of games is huge. Even demanding users can find many interesting games for themselves. The games you can see in the App Store are cleverly sorted and customized so you can not download a virus to your phone. But this system has a downside: due to the strict selection, many good games are not available. Everything is reversed on Android. There are more games available in Google Market, but some of them may have viruses. As you can see, both systems have certain shortcomings.

The Special Feature when Downloading the Games

But the Android users have one advantage: Android is an open operating system. So you can download the games not only from the Play Market but also from various websites. Apple devices do not offer such a possibility. To download a game, you may only use the app store.

Graphics and Gameplay

As for the quality of the game graphics of iOS and Android, it is a bit better on iOS. This was proven in the Real Racing game. During the game, you could see an FPS descent up to 30 points on Android. This is not a major disadvantage of Android, as it seems. In both operation systems, games are played fairly quickly and have qualitative graphics. In addition, much depends on the particular device.


Both Android and iOS games have their advantages and disadvantages, which we have described in this article.
By and large, the following major benefits of Android can be noted:
• Wide range of interesting games;
• Easy to use when downloading.
And the benefits of iOS are:
• No viruses.
• High-quality graphics and gameplay.
We hope that our article was informative and useful to you.