You should know these 7 Tech Blogs in 2019

Technology trends are changing rapidly. To permanently on the latest state to stay, online magazines and blogs on the subject can technology be helpful. Anyone working within a tech company should deal with such topics on a permanent basis. Even if it does not affect your own workspace. In this way, the knowledge can be permanently updated and new ideas for innovative business areas or product ideas can be generated.

That’s why I’ve come up with 7 leading tech blogs from the English speaking world for you today. All blogs feature qualitative content about the latest industry news, innovations, startups and investments.

Tech Crunch

Tech Crunch

Tech Crunch is one of the world’s leading portals for novel tech trends. The English language blog reports on current information on startups, financing rounds, apps, and events. The vivid and clearly arranged website gives visitors an optimal overview of the latest information. In addition, the blog offers a crunch report. This is a concise summary report that highlights the key points of the day in a short video.

WITH Technology Review

Technology Review

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is one of the top US universities and owner of the MIT Technology Review. This technology-based blog has established itself as one of the best online resources for technology trends. Anyone who wants to learn about the trends that change the world is right here.


Wired is a popular blog that the impact of emerging technologies on people, the economy and politics in the foreground represents. The modern themes and the trendy design of this online resource made it especially popular with Millennials. Anyone who wants to get to know the new trends in an entertaining way is here in the right place.

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The online magazine Recode is known to have some of the best journalists in the technology industry. The factual style of the authors makes Recode magazine one of the leading resources for independent information on trends and analysis.

PC world

PC world

The PC world deepens numerous topics around IT developments in the world. The magazine is not only printing but also as a simple online magazine. A sound understanding of technology is not necessary to follow the content of PC Welt. Because of the easy to understand articles, this tech blog is also suitable for technology newcomers.


Futurism is a tech blog that not only deals with the current movements but also discusses the possible changes in the future. Through the well-researched articles, the Future is an ideal online resource to explore the future impact of artificial intelligence or virtual reality.

Fast Company

Fast Company is a leading business magazine available both as a print edition and as an online blog. The magazine has a special focus on technology innovation and new trends for decision-makers from companies can be interesting. The aim of the magazine is to drive the reader to new innovations and to abandon traditional thinking.