So you always find new Content Ideas

Every copywriter knows how hard it is to permanently find new ideas for a blog. In addition, the content must fit exactly to the target audience and contain the right keywords. But finding new content ideas does not require a lot of creativity. With the right practical tips on board, a lot of creativity can be overcome. Today, for these reasons, I would like to show you practicable methods that are guaranteed to provide you with new ideas.

3 Practical Methods at a Glance

Follow your Content Marketing Strategy

content marketing strategy

Not every company has a written content marketing strategy. If you are responsible for marketing in your organization, then you should commit to such a strategy. A content marketing strategy contains information about the overall goals, the target audience, the platforms used, or the quality standards. In addition, the strategy is placed in the context of the entire business so that the planned content matches the brand.

From here, content ideas can be easily derived. Because a look at the strategy tells you what you want to achieve with the company blog or what content really interests your readers. In this case, you have a system that supports you in finding a topic sustainably. In addition, a strategy allows you to create an editorial calendar. This should be scheduled at least one month in advance. The ideal is the planning of the upcoming quarter. This will give you enough time to create consistent content. Because nothing is more time-consuming than collecting new ideas for every single article!

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Find popular blog articles and write them better

If you do not come up with new ideas, it may be helpful to examine the articles of your competition. Which contents are successful, which are not? Tools like Buzz-sumo often give a good overview of the most popular content on a particular subject area. Find and study the leading posts for your keyword. How is the structure designed? How was the title chosen? Are the contents well thought out?

If your business is an expert in the field, you will not find it difficult to pick up on this topic. In no case should you copy or modify the article of your competitors? Write a blog post that is far better than your competition. Add important points or take a different perspective. In any case, this method will help you quickly find new content ideas for your blog.

Answer the questions of your target audience

target audience

In your company blog, you should pick up topics that interest your target group. That’s why you do not have to think forever about possible content ideas, but to track down the questions of your potential customers. For example, the best programs for this project are Answer the public or the W-Questions tool.

In the respective programs, enter your desired keyword to get a selection of questions from the search engines. Pick a series of questions that you think are relevant and create a blog post on each issue. In the following example, I typed the keyword “microwave” into the Answer the public tool and then got the first set of questions.

When selecting your title, you can accept the question directly or change it slightly. People who enter a similar question on Google & Co. in the future may then be redirected to your website. In order for your readers to be satisfied with answering their questions, the article should be well researched and profound.

Follow the trends and blogs of your industry

To provide your readers with consistently high-quality content, it is important to have the right level of expertise in your industry. Reading relevant magazines or blogs is therefore essential. Of course, browsing the industry news does not always give you a clear guide to your own content ideas. However, they increase the likelihood of finding new inspiration. In addition, the news is suitable as an optimal research base for your future blog articles.


With the right methods, there is no problem finding content ideas for your blog. Today’s examples have shown that you can find many inspirations and ideas with a one-time effort. By contrast, if you have to rediscover a topic for your article every week, you’ll be wasting your time and nerves significantly.