Digital companies building a strong Internet presence can benefit from increased brand awareness and reach in the long term. Content marketing should be integrated as an integral part of the digital marketing strategy. In order to successfully establish a presence on the Internet, it is not enough, however, to handle content marketing between “the door and the ball”. Nowadays, the content pieces not only have to be strategically structured and of high quality, but also have to be adapted exactly to the end customer.

This process, therefore, requires a number of requirements, which the marketing department has to implement permanently with the available resources. Companies that want to save the time-consuming procedure, however, rely on outsourcing offers from content marketing agencies or freelancers. According to Our Social Times, 62% of respondents now outsource content marketing. Although this value underscores the popularity of outsourcing, every business must make that decision for themselves. In today’s post, I would like to introduce you to five reasons that speak in favor of outsourcing content marketing.

These 5 Reasons Speak for an Outsourcing of Content Marketing

The time factor Nobody in the marketing team has enough time for content marketing

Content marketing is not just a strategic approach, but also a high percentage of creative work. To produce and properly publish content pieces requires time that is often underestimated. Anyone who takes content marketing seriously must block the time for content creation and not replace it with other work.

Content creation creates opportunity costs that need to be reconsidered in advance. You may have jobs in the marketing department that seem more important than content marketing. If the opportunity costs are too high, this is a strong indication that outsourced content marketing.

The Skillset Your team has no on-board staff with the necessary skills

In order for your target audience to be reached with content marketing, the content must inevitably be adapted to them. Your team, therefore, can not decide freely on a particular medium. It may turn out that your audience is more likely to respond to video content than to long e-books.

Maybe your target audience speaks English, French or even Chinese, but the marketing team does not have a native speaker who could create the right content. If your team does not have the skills to build content relevant to the audience, it’s better to outsource it.

The bias your marketing team has a wrong perspective

Content marketing content is rarely promotional. The company should therefore not be the focus of the articles, videos, podcasts or social media posts. Employees who deal with their company, products or services on a daily basis may, therefore, be biased. The result: Content is created that consists of technical terms, jargon and company news. A content marketing agency, on the other hand, could take a fresh look at the company and create unbiased content.

Perseverance Your marketing team is just creating infrequent content

Success in content marketing depends on its regularity. If the marketing team fails to publish blog articles, social media posts, newsletters, or lead magnets within the projected timeframe, it will be hard to build a strong web presence. The community expects content to be published on a regular basis and will retire once the content is sporadic. If it turns out that your team does not have the resources to permanently produce content, outsourcing can bring significant benefits.

The Cost Factor Permanent content managers and content writers are more expensive

Qualitative content marketing is not cheap. Good agencies can charge up to € 500 for an item. With the necessary time and expertise, these prices are justified. Who considers such prices for content as too high loses sight of the big picture. Because outsourcing to an agency can cost less than a mix of professional full-time employees.

To properly implement content marketing, copywriters, content managers, and even SEO experts are needed. If you find the budget for a content marketing agency from 2000 € to 3000 € per month too high, you can calculate the costs (including holidays and additional services) for your own content team.


Whether outsourcing content marketing pays off depends very much on how well your team is positioned. If you want to save costs and time or ensure quality, then outsourcing can be a sensible alternative for your marketing team.