Do not we all have too much time every now and then and have to kill time – for example in the evening or during the semester break? Make sure you turn your time into money – by making money from surveys. So close Facebook and make the cute animal videos. Rather use the extra time to earn thousands of dollars by answering online surveys.

There are more and more market research companies that pay premiums for your opinion. But they are not all equally serious. That’s why we’ve put together a list of legitimate opinion polling websites. We show you how much you can realistically earn from surveys with which provider.

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Where you can earn a lot of money with surveys

Making money with surveys is easier than you think: you decide when to take part in which surveys. Almost all providers have an online app. Whenever you have a few minutes, you can fill in a questionnaire from the subway, during a commercial break on television or in a supermarket queue and earn up to $ 7 per survey. Answering a questionnaire takes an average of 10 minutes. In contrast to the normal side job, you have no fixed working hours, no approach and no fixed workload. You just choose yourself, when, how many you want to answer which surveys. Quite spontaneously.

Each page has a limited number of surveys per month and per person. If you really want to make a lot of money, you should sign up with as many market research portals as possible. If you are logged in to many portals, but have little time or want to get a high hourly wage, you should always take part in the surveys that are best paid by the portals.

By the way: Making money with surveys can be really fun. Often new products are sent for testing free of charge. For example, at Toluna. With Movie Panel, you get trailers for the latest movies, which you should then rate. With your rating, you decide which films should be shown in the cinema.

Top 5 Online Surveys Websites:

No.1: Inbox Dollars
No.2: Swagbucks
No.3: Prize Rebel
No.4: Pinecone Research
No.5: Vindale Research

6 tips to make money from surveys

Instead of leaving you alone with the list of survey portals, we want to help you to earn a lot of money with surveys. Here are a few tips to get the most out of every page.

  • Log in to all portals
    You should log in to as many portals as possible if you want to earn a lot of money with surveys. Because then you always have enough surveys that you can answer and you do not have to wait until you are invited to a poll. In addition, you can then choose the highest-paid surveys.There are no disadvantages if you register with all. You can unsubscribe anytime uncomplicated if you do not like the offer.
  • Use a separate email address
    Of course, you do not have to do that. But we recommend that you set up your own email address to use the survey portals. This makes it easier for you to keep track of the surveys that are being proposed to you.But you should always check your emails every day! Because many invitations to surveys are only valid for one day (sometimes even shorter).
  • Be honest
    Be honest when completing surveys and avoid making false statements to save time. Because sometimes there are penalties for contradictory information or wrong answers. Also, do not try to outsmart the system by, for example, claiming to be a wealthy businessman to get more or better surveys. This is not going to work!
  • Sign up only for reputable sites
    There are a number of websites that make dubious polls (we deliberately do not name names!) – so be sure to avoid them. The ones you should avoid are those who make unrealistic promises.
  • Get paid as soon as you reach the limit
    You should always withdraw the money immediately if you reach the minimum value – unless you are just saving on a big bonus. Some pages expire after a certain period of time or can only be redeemed at a certain time.
  • Never pay for the registration
    With good sites, where you can earn a lot of money with surveys, the registration is always free. On all pages listed in this article, sign up is 100% free.

So never pay for registration – whatever the promise is.