Successful startup founders face many different obligations. They are working on selling their visionary product, putting together a first-class team and serving all stakeholders. Nevertheless, time must remain to reflect and to acquire new knowledge.

Entrepreneurs who pay attention to their time management manage to expand their knowledge permanently. This is done through your own network, specialist conferences or even books. If you are in a hurry, you can also rely on a professional blog for startup founders. In the following, I would like to introduce eight blogs and the world that specialize in making the lives of entrepreneurs easier and more successful.

7 Entrepreneur Blogs that are Particularly Suitable for Startup Founders

1 Founder Scene

Anyone who does not want to miss out on the latest practical tips, background information, analyzes and specialist contributions to the topics of startups and the digital economy in the English speaking world can not ignore founder’s scene. With a monthly user population of 1.4 million website visitors. For young startup founders, the blog is ideal for getting valuable tips and tricks for starting your own business.

2 Startup Valley

Startup Valley offers permanently new reading material on the topics of start-up foundations, business ideas or current trends. Through their own contributions or expert interviews, different topics such as startup marketing, financing or organization are covered. Especially the founder’s talk gives a good insight into the everyday life, the background or the motivations of experienced founders. If you are looking for hands-on, first-hand information, then you are in the right place at Startup Valley.

3 LetsSeeWhatWorks

LetsSeeWhatWorks not only offers an area with a hands-on toolbox for entrepreneurs but also a high-quality blog with more than 200 articles. The toolbox contains useful information on accounting, marketing, blogging, start-up or lifestyle. Compared to many other startup blogs LetsSeeWhatWorks goes beyond professional aspects and also regularly picks up tips for the private life of founders.

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English-language Startup Blogs

1 Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki’s blog is one of the best startup blogs for founders who need a boost of motivation or are looking for hands-on information on venture capital. Author and owner of the blog is the marketing specialist Guy Kawasaki. As a former Chief Evangelist at Apple and today’s venture capitalist, Guy Kawasaki fills his blog content with concentrated knowledge and high-quality tips. His years of experience in Silicon Valley make the blog very valuable for young entrepreneurs.

2 Entrepreneur

The online magazine Entrepreneur must not be missing in the list of startup blogs. With its extensive content Entrepreneur is aimed not only at budding founders but also at established entrepreneurs. The magazine regularly provides useful information on the latest trends and insider tips that are not to be despised. Since Entrepreneur is relatively diversified, different areas of interest can be covered.

3 The 4-Hour Workweek

Named after best selling author Tim Ferriss, The 4-Hour Workweek is considered one of the best places to shop for world-class productivity tips. As a successful company founder, author, angel investor, and podcaster, Tim Ferriss shares his wide range of experiences with his readers. The 4-Hour Workweek is a treasure chest for young entrepreneurs looking to manage their time management, productivity, and health.

4 Copyblogger

Copyblogger is suitable for any Entrepreneur who presents his Startup Online to increase brand awareness or customer inquiries. Whether or not the young company is an online business, online marketing activities are nowadays needed to generate attention and reach. Copyblogger provides the most important methods. Through a range of e-books, blog articles, and a training program, young founders can learn the most effective tactics themselves.