WhatsApp Status on Facebook and Instagram

Facebook is testing a new feature for WhatsApp

Users can post their status posts directly to Facebook, as well as other services. Whether the function will be time for all users, is not yet clear.

Facebook has begun experimenting with the introduction of a new feature for its WhatsApp messenger. It affects the status tab of WhatsApp, where users have been able to post not just text, but also photos and videos for some time. The entries disappear there after 24 hours.

This feature is very similar to the stories that already exist in many other services. That’s probably where the idea comes in: users should be able to post their status posts to a number of other services at the same time.

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WhatsApp status for many services

WhatsApp status for many services

Users can then use the new feature to send their status to various other services, including Facebook itself, as well as Instagram, but also Gmail or Google Photos. Currently, a select few users can already test the feature.

At the same time, the feature should not please all users, the criticism towards Facebook has long been such that it is feared that Facebook could combine its various services into a data-consuming super portal. Compared to The Verge then trying to appease even the same: the accounts are not linked or merged for this new feature. WhatsApp will use the native sharing features of iOS or Android to pass the posts to the other services. The new resulting contributions remained separate posts and Facebook will not generate any new data collections from them.

Whether the function will be regularly introduced for all users in the near future remains to be seen. What do you think of this feature?