Defective MacBook Batteries

Apple’s callback program for some fire-endangered MacBooks has already provided initial, insightful figures: after that, in several cases, smaller fires in homes actually resulted in various less dramatic damage. It is now known how many devices are affected by the problem.

Apple has recently launched a callback program for some MacBooks, we had reported in another message about it. Affected by the problem is only the MacBook Pro 15 inches and that only if the device between September 2015 and February 2017 was purchased. In this case, the battery may overheat and, in the worst case, cause a fire. This is exactly what happened in some cases, as documents by the American Consumer Product Safety Commission show. The good news: It was in all cases rather lenient.

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Five apartment fires reported

After that, overheating batteries in affected MacBook Pro models caused fires in homes in a total of five cases, in all cases the fires were small. One user was treated with smoke poisoning. In a total of 17 cases, the fire caused minor damage to the equipment or the property of customers. In total, 26 cases of overheating devices were noted.

In the US, around 430,000 units were sold during the period in question, which may be the problem. In Canada, another 26,000 devices went over the counter during the period in question, where only one personal injury was reported.

Users who have purchased their MacBook Pro during that period can use a quick check to see if their computer is affected by the issue. To do this, click on the apple at the top of the menu bar and click on “About this Mac”. The serial number of your Mac you give then on Apple special page to call back. If necessary, the battery will be replaced by Apple for free.