5 Tips for Healthy Snacks

The stomach growls, but until lunch break is still two hours to bridge. The closing time is not yet in sight, but the hunger for it would be so far. Or you just get in the mood for something sweet in between. Scenarios, which probably everyone knows and which are also completely normal. What you should pay attention to in snacks, so that the snacks are not only effective for a short time but also healthy and valuable, you read in the article.

Plan your snacks

For some people, three meals a day are enough, others need a snack to bridge the time between the main meals. How often a person eats depends, among other things, on the type of diet and the daily routine.

To eat a small snack between meals should not be considered a bad habit. On the contrary: small snacks can be scheduled quietly. The best way to bring your snack from home. So you avoid that the small hunger surprised in between and you inevitably land at the sweets machine in the company.

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Choose the right time for a snack

The body needs time to digest the ingested food as well. A constant intake of food also brings the blood sugar level out of balance. That’s why it’s important to take a break between meals. As a rule of thumb, an intermediate snack should roughly halve the time between meals.

Pay attention to balanced snacks

An intermediate snack is just that – a meal in between. He should, therefore, have significantly fewer calories than the main meal. Foods that contain saturating proteins, vitamins and complex carbohydrates are particularly suitable as a healthy snack. Since the complex is digested more slowly than simple carbohydrates, the blood sugar level remains constant over a longer period and food cravings are avoided. Well, suited are therefore cereals such as oats or spelled, nuts, vegetables or fruits. Food such as Danish pastries, muesli or chocolate bars should be avoided due to the high sugar and fat content.

Drink enough water

We actually know that it is healthy to have enough liquid all day long. The difficulty is to be consistent. Often we do not have an overview of how much we actually drink or just forget about it. A large glass bottle of water, which should be “emptied” as a daily goal, helps to keep track and serves as a reminder. By the way, drinking water can also help against the feeling of hunger, because we are often just thirsty when we grab a snack.

Enjoy your snacks

Even small snacks can and should be celebrated. And without a guilty conscience. If you consciously take time to take your snack, you automatically have greater control over how much you eat.